Statue of Liberty in Texas

You Can Visit the Statue of Liberty Right Here in Texas

Did you know that there is a Statue of Liberty right here in Texas? Yup, no need to travel all the way to New York – you can tell everyone you’ve been to the statue, but still never leave the state.

Statue of Liberty in Texas

Located in Halletsville, Texas, the statue is pretty much an hour and fifty minutes from Houston, Austin, and San Antonio! If you’re coming from Dallas, it’s quite a bit farther at about 4 and a half hours.

This statue is apparently a marketing gimmick created by a financial services company in the strip mall behind the statue. I’m not sure I’d count that as a successful campaign, considering I was there and had no idea at the time that it had a connection to any company, but it’s fun to see either way.

You can also find a small Statue of Liberty replica at the Capitol in Austin, gifted by the Boy Scouts of America to the state of Texas. Interestingly, when they were moving the statue to a new location on the Capitol grounds, they found a time capsule! They reburied it and it’s set to be opened in 2076, so if you’re around then…

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